Spatial Reasoning IQ Tests

Spatial Reasoning IQ Test Overview

“Visual-spatial skills are of great importance for success in solving many tasks in everyday life. For instance, using a map to guide you through an unfamiliar city, merging into high-speed traffic, and orienting yourself in your environment (as when you are learning your way around a new school building) are all activities that involve spatial ability. Other examples of tasks requiring visual-spatial ability include packing (as when you must decide if a certain box is large enough for the objects you want to put into it) and using mirror images (as when you are combing your hair while looking into a mirror).

Spatial ability is also important for success in many fields of study. Mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, economic forecasting, meteorology and architecture all involve the use of spatial skills: For instance, an astronomer must visualize the structure of a solar system and the motions of the objects in it. An engineer visualizes the interactions of the parts of a machine. Radiologists must be able to interpret the image on a medical X-ray.” * Source: John Hopkins University

Below are the Spatial Reasoning IQ tests that we currently offer. These are not “official” IQ tests. There were not prepared by a psychologist or anyone in an official capacity. The test will calculate your “raw” IQ and should be used for informational and novelty purposes only.

Our Spatial Reasoning IQ tests will automatically show your score or IQ at the end of the test. To be truly accurate, the test should be timed. Our tests are not timed. You can take as long as you’d like to answer the questions. No one really does well when they’re watching a timer.

Spatial Reasoning IQ Tests

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