IQ Scores

IQ Score Overview

While your IQ score (based on the IQ test scale) might be a general indicator of your reasoning and problem-solving abilities, many psychologists suggest that the IQ test doesn’t tell the entire story. Practical abilities and natural talents are just a few of the things not measured by standardized IQ tests. You might have a below average IQ score, but you might also be an awesome musician, a creative artist, an amazing singer, or a mechanical whiz.

Researchers claim that IQ scores can often change over time. One study examined the IQs of teenage subjects during early adolescence and examined them again four years later. The results revealed that scores varied as much as 20 points over that four-year period.

Official IQ tests are normally administered by a licensed psychologist. You won’t find an official IQ test online because the test must be administered in person. The process involves administering the test to a representative sample of the entire population that will eventually take the test. Each test taker takes the test under the same conditions as all other participants in the sample group. This process allows psychometricians to establish norms, or standards, by which individual scores can be compared. In other words, one person’s IQ has no meaning unless it’s compared to those of other people.

IQ Scores

Below is an approximate breakdown of the common IQ test scale (ranges). It’s important to remember that IQ tests are only one way to measure intelligence. Many experts suggest that intelligence is influenced by other elements such emotional and social factors.

Below 70 – Borderline deficiency

70 to 84 – Dullness

85 to 114 – Normal

115 to 129 – Above average or superior

130 to 144 – Moderately gifted or very superior

145 to 159 – Highly gifted or genius/near genius

160 to 179 – Exceptionally gifted

180 and up – Profoundly gifted

IQ Tests

Now that you have an understanding of the IQ scores, give one of our IQ tests a try to see where your score falls on the IQ Test Scale:

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